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About US

86pass.com is the simple WordPress site and here we are collecting passwords from the different different sources like blogs and forum sites. reason for this is clear, it will prevent the access of two or more person by using single logins. and make one strong system. as user is the most important role of any system’s security. and any passwords posted at this site are firstly available on the web on any forum site or public pastes site. 86pass.com is not responsible for miss use of any passwords.
86pass.com never keep any secret passwords or any secret information at the site, but we have only that passwords which are easily available to the other public sites.
if you are a webmaster of any site or comes from any adult organization and you see your site or any relating information here and want to remove it than kindly use our contact us link.

What ever we are providing here is for to make strong security. we are doing changes to site time to time to ensure user’s compatibility for surfing and making their experience better rather than to complete any of our own goals.